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A little girl's gripping and magical story.

About J.J. Ireneo

J.J. Ireneo
J.J. Ireneo
  • Born and raised in the Philippines.
  • Studied Classic Literature and Mass Communications
  • At 18 years old, while studying at the University of San Agustin (Iloilo City, Philippines), she wrote a major play “The Wand of Fantasies from the Cradle”
  • A sequestered playwright and fiction author.
  • Detests attention and fame.
  • A multipotentialite.
  • Lives with Asperger’s syndrome.
  • Self-deprecating.
  • Quiet with a piercing mind.
  • Classical music and Broadway Musical enthusiast.
  • Believes in angels.
  • A staunched stoic.
  • Views sophistication as reading a Philosophy book by the fireplace.
  • Nickname: Sam