A Little Girl’s Gripping and Magical Story – 33

A little girl's gripping and magical story. Baykoy Series.
Literary Fiction/Epistolary/Drama/Fantasy

A little girl's gripping and magical story. Baykoy Series.

Baykoy and The Only Something

This is a gripping and magical tale of a little Filipino girl who goes by an endearing nickname, Baykoy.

The story is narrated through the heart-convulsing letters of a woman to her niece, detailing her extraordinary childhood experiences.

Written by

J.J. Ireneo


Dear Sage,

You’re just about to turn five upon the conception of this book.

I watch your videos everyday. And they teach me bright-and-happy days.

I look at your photos before I go to bed at night. They remind me of how I would smile when innocent bliss would greet me once in a while.

Someday… someday soon… I shall come see you.

We will share beautiful moments together for as long as I’m able to.

I have more to tell you. Stories of the past.

Stories of our family. Stories that would last.

I have not much to teach you. Just some pieces of life.

The life that I still keep on learning to survive.

I have so much love to give you. I hope you will give me a chance.

Also, understand… you’ve got me as much as you want.

The memories you’ve gathered now, I know they’re good.

However, don’t be afraid to tell them if you feel misunderstood.

Your mother. Your grandmother. Magic.

Your home. Your prayers. Magic.

Enjoy innocent bliss as much as you can.

Enjoy this beautiful life with them now.

For you are a part of the sacred vow.

You’re the heart and the spirit.

Your mind. The mind. No matter what.

Still magic.

You have been, and will always be…

… my magic.

— Your Indomitable Aunt —

The End