Baykoy: A Gripping and Magical Tale – 2

Literary Fiction/Epistolary/Drama/Fantasy

Baykoy and The Only Something

This is a gripping and magical tale of a little Filipino girl who goes by an endearing nickname, Baykoy.

It’s a wild-bursting battle against her beliefs in angels and the powers of heaven as she gets to confront and experience the supernatural realms that may hold the supreme truths of death and life cycles while coping with grief and loss.

The story is told through the heart-convulsing letters of a woman to her niece, detailing her childhood in the Philippines.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to any person, dead or alive, is merely coincidental.

Prologue – 2

Dear Sage,

We haven’t met yet. But I’m your only aunt in the world. I’m your mother’s older sister, and I live in a faraway land. They send me pictures and videos of you everyday. They’re my happy treasures. I’ve been watching you grow since the moment you were born. Now you’re four years old. Smart, hyperactive. Your intense curiosity is a blasting marvel. There’s magic glowing out of your eyes. The kind of magic that I might have had when I was your age. The kind of magic that only you and I secretly and intuitively share. 

They tell me you seem to be my clone. You’re terrified of rains and thunderstorms. I was terrified of the orange sunset skies. Your dolls’ arms got away. My doll was thrown out the window. You’re learning the language fast enough by watching cartoons. I learned it by listening to a cassette recording of Aesop’s Fables, along with your great grandparents’ teachings. You’re already telling stories. I thought of creating them. You like to make friends with adults. They were my warmth and comfort. 

When you were about to be born, I couldn’t sleep. It was a radiant winter. I was in my apartment, glued to the computer screen. Waiting for the wonderful news. Munching on snacks. Heart-thumping. 

And there it was. 

Your photo. Newly born. Already showing courage. Couldn’t wait to be amazed. The mesmerizing adventures ahead. Of life. Of love. Of fun and miracles. 

I was in blissful tears. My coffee tasted a lot better. The chips were more crunchy. The classical music sounded more impactful. Everything seemed to stand up for their integrity more. They knew their worth. They held their presence up high. 

I stood up for my integrity more. I knew my worth. I held my presence up high. My life changed. My priorities and goals changed. Even my everyday mantra changed. It was the crowning event of my life. Like I already achieved something wonderful. The most wonderful present that only the heavens could give. 

I’ve written a lot of stories since. Witty, dark and heart-wrenching. Stories that would make me laugh. Stories that were my emotional and mental purges. Stories that would redeem who I was. 

I didn’t know who I was. My purpose. My heart. My dreams. 

I didn’t know what truly mattered to me. My sincere desires. My spiritual search. My conscious achievements. 

I didn’t know what life was really about. My rights. My wrongs. My lessons. 

I, your aunt, your middle-aged aunt who lives in a faraway land, who has experienced every unimaginable adventure, am yet to discover my inner greatness. 

Thus, the conception of this book. Which had been bugging me since you were born. But I had to wait for the perfect time.

And right now must be the perfect time. Hence, it drove me to jump out of the bed in the middle of a lonely night. 

So here they are. 

My delightful confessions. Though at times, cuttingly painful.

As the child in me recalls these gripping and enchanting memories.

In a world that you might never get the chance to know.

The only something. 

Just for you. 

As I let go.

— Indomitable —

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