New Series: A Gripping and Magical Tale

Author’s Note:

Before we dive in…

It has been an uphill battle. From dabbling on experimental genres to the ones that you believe your flickering heart would plunge in. We, as writers, know how the grueling fights against/with who we are, the Philosophies that we uphold, the remarkable phenomenon hidden in human condition, the bliss that must be sustained and authenticity — blatantly circumvent our glowing desire to keep on going.

Some of you may have already caught two of my pseudonyms as they evidently swirl across this site. Ali Light writes Magical Realism. Sage Toni Sihunn bears a raunchy yet a bit prudish tone. Both have been shattered into the giddy-love kicks of Sapphic chicks.

The Great Sin Hunt was an emotional project that had to be done as a quintessential release.

No more.

Though The Grand Gibberish by Sage Toni Sihunn will still be released here by late next year, but…

… that would be the end of them.

As I embark on ‘me’. The real me. Every piece of who I am, my truths, my curiosity, my fears, my desires and even the enchanting secrets that have been looming inside my deepest sadness.

You have no idea the discriminatory snaps that have been thrown at me as a result of this new book.

All because of this one distinct word squished in its Log Line.

The word is… Filipino.

Log Line: A magical and gripping tale of a little Filipino girl who goes by an endearing nickname, Baykoy.

Here’s hoping that you would enjoy her journey. No matter what.

More info down below…


This is a gripping and magical tale of a little Filipino girl who goes by an endearing nickname, Baykoy.

At four years old, she witnesses the death of her beloved youngest sibling and her mother’s transcendent grief. In a cryptic event that follows, she has to sit in a funeral van, and gets to peek into her little brother’s casket. Soon after, a ruthless storm wipes out their home, leading her to live with her loving grandparents who are in charge of the only Primary School in a remote town where a memorable encounter with a mysterious boy only adds on to her angst. 

By the time she turns five, she explores the wonders of the mind through reading and learning being an imposed family law. Her sensibilities intensify as she becomes more aware of nature, human connections and spiritual existence. 

At six years old, since none of her grandparents’ pupils would even invite her to join their games, her only special wish is to have a good friend. Granted, she meets a 13-year-old girl whose angelic presence captivates her. However, in a mystical twist, her one and only friend passes away the next day. 

What transpires next is a wild-bursting battle against her beliefs in angels and the powers of heaven as she gets to confront and experience the supernatural realms that may hold the supreme truths of death and the cycles of life. 

The story is told through the heart-convulsing letters of a woman to her niece, detailing her childhood in the Philippines.

J.J. Ireneo

Baykoy and The Only Something

The New Book Series will kick off on October 5th, 2020, a week after The Gags of Egos hits its last scene.

You may follow her journey here on Tearjerker Fiction.

Yes, J.J. Ireneo breathes out a huge slice of who I am.