The Philosophy of the Great Sin Hunt – Part Six

Suffering unlocks a promise of life.

Author’s Note: The book’s primary intent was to justify human’s subconscious consumption of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins. With its twists and turns that may or may not exist in one’s mind, Philosophy has become the ultimate king.

Suffering unlocks a promise of life,” I say. “Like, you must suffer greatly first before you conceive your own art. Then you must suffer greatly while art grows within you. Then you must suffer greatly for your art until you die. Only death could separate you from it. And only in death you would ever find peace. However, your art will continue to live on. It’s the only beautiful thing you could give to the world. It’s been a lonely life, but it’s part of the whole package. If it wasn’t for pain, where would I be? If it wasn’t for Beethoven, how would I appreciate its worth? It’s still an extraordinary life, Eli. Still extraordinary. I wish you could be here all the time to experience it with me.”

…. “I have a theory that the only time that we can make the best out of life is when we’re alone. Loneliness is a gift after all. For then we realize that everything has its own purpose and beauty. We get to know ourselves more. We are more free. We were born for something very special…”

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