The Philosophy of the Great Sin Hunt – Part Four

It is only ignorance that complicates an essence.

Author’s Note: The book’s primary intent was to justify human’s subconscious consumption of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins. With its twists and turns that may or may not exist in one’s mind, Philosophy has become the ultimate king.

There is neither best nor most in anything. Wonderful and tormenting superlatives are born out of faith and consciousness. How I respond. How it makes me feel. How it drives me to create beauty or fury. It is only ignorance that complicates an essence.

I am sitting in Queen’s park, admiring the young and the old on a merry Wednesday. Bizarre, sweet, surprising, rollicking, and sometimes dramatic behaviors flash before me. Principles. Logic. Humanity. I know. I see myself in each heart. I see my past in each face. I see my worth in each move. Nothing fancy. Just desperate for human connections. Behind the smiles and hidden in laughs are loneliness and suppressed pains which would later become a satisfying phenomenon. Behind the closed doors. On keys. On paper. On to a computer screen.

I’m alive. I believe in living.

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