The Philosophy of The Great Sin Hunt – Part One

This is the saddest truth.

Author’s Note: The book’s primary intent was to justify human’s subconscious consumption of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins. With its twists and turns that may or may not exist in one’s mind, Philosophy has become the ultimate king.

Art heals — or kills.

Life is all a lie — create your own reality in it.

How you treat other humans is a mirror of your childhood home.

Wear a stately suit — guard your sanity.

Morality is never an issue — judgment is.

There is beauty found in a solitary life.

Bad parenting sculpts evil — or spawns great success.

Desiring fame is like fire that burns your soul.

A kind heart is god.

There is never a wise decision — there is only an intention.

Self-interests are needed for survival.

Society will always betray you.

No one knows how to define their own happiness.

No one has ever loved someone unconditionally.

There is always something important to fight for.

Make art as your number one best friend.

We will all die not knowing our best worth.

… the saddest truth…

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