Twitch Beau, All of Lush, and Fictional Famous People

"Over three decades later, and a Twitch Beau is just about to be established!"

Author’s Note:

In my personal exciting dungeon, my parents would always engage in fun-loving discussions. This excerpt mirrors one of them.

Genre: Drama/Comedy/Magical Realism

Here’s one delightful scene:

Dylan and I rest our patient ears for their palsy-walsy conversation:

Dane Hunter was an incredible dancer,” Mr. Dawson says. “Once upon a time, I wanted to be — just like him.”

“Oh! Mom and dad would do the Willow and Dane dance every Valentine’s Day,” dad discloses. “I remember peeking in from the stairs, and — whoo – Boy! Was it ever romantic!” 

“It was from a movie,” mom butts in. “Wait. It’s at the tip of my tongue. Oh, I know that film! I’ve watched it recently!”

“I didn’t know it was from a movie,” Mrs. Dawson ponders. “Now my mind is bothered.” — she turns to her delightful man — “Do you know what it was?”

“It’s dancing up in my head, too!” Mr. Dawson replies. “I can see it in my head very clearly!”

“I’m thinking,” dad yelps. “Ooh — it bugs me when something like this happens!” 

“I watched it after your Sherwood Park All of Lush performance broke into the news,” mom says, pinching her brow. “Ugh. What the hell was that? Wait…”

“I should definitely look into it later!” Mrs. Dawson looks determined. 

Twitch Beau!” Dylan and I groan jointly. Moms and dads freeze, then lash us with a startling look! 

“I beg your pardon?” dad asks me and my one and only LUSH.

Twitch Beau!” Dylan and I reply. 

“That’s it!” mom snaps. “Twitch Beau!”

“And what year was that?” Mrs. Dawson inquires.

“1956!” Dylan and I answer — at once!

“How on earth did you two know these things?” dad wonders, switching his eyes between me and Dylan, but — “You know what? I got it — I got it — I ABSOLUTELY GOT IT!” He grasps its romantic complexity right on.

“I got it, too!” mom agrees. 

“We should figure out our common vibes, too,” Mr. Dawson addresses his delightful wife. “Like that. Twitch Beau.”

“We’ve already got a lot of ‘em,” Mrs. Dawson replies. “All about food, garnishes, spices, and — chemical compounds.” 

“Yeah, but having a Twitch Beau is different,” Mr. Dawson argues. 

“Do we have a Twitch Beau?” mom asks dad. 

“We should establish one from now on,” dad considers. 

“Over three decades later, and we’ve just thought of having something like – Twitch Beau!” mom grumbles. 

“This is Willow and Dane’s fault,” dad smirks. 

Dane Hunter and Willow –?” Mr. Dawson flicks.

Dane Hunter and Willow — what?” Mrs. Dawson jumps in. 

“Oh oh,” mom gnarls. “You guys! Now THIS — makes me want to watch the movie again! I forgot Willow’s last name now! Ugh!”

WillowWillow –” dad contemplates.

Walsh!” Dylan and I yelp in chorus. Once again, moms and dads freeze — shrinking in their seats now — gaping at us!

“What was it?” dad supplicates — just for validation.

Willow Walsh!” Dylan and I enunciate. 

Dad drops his fork. “How did you two –” — he pauses upon realization — “Okay! I got it! I got it!” 

“I’m getting envious now,” mom groans. “And I’m disappointed in myself for forgetting the film!” And she scowls at dad — “Over three decades later, and a Twitch Beau is just about to be established!” 

“We should have more things,” Mr. Dawson informs his delightful wife. 

“I have just enumerated a ton of them,” Mrs. Dawson replies. “How many more do you need?” 

“But they’re not romantic enough,” Mr. Dawson states, then addresses the entire table — “Oh, Willow Walsh was also a smooth singer!”

“Really!” Mrs. Dawson taunts. “And how could you have possibly known that?”

“Momma told me!” Mr. Dawson replies. “I just got no proof of it. I haven’t gotten the chance to listen to her record yet.”

“I can’t remember her sing anything in Twitch Beau, though,” mom mulls over. “Wait. I’m rewinding it in my head right now — I just remember — being so agitated over the wooing patches all throughout the film — but –” — she ululates out of frustration — “I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about it all of a sudden!” 

“The wooing patches are causing your memory rift,” dad smirks at her, then agrees with Mr. Dawson — “I know Willow Walsh was also a smooth singer. And what was one of her greatest hits?”

All of Lush!” Dylan and I dive in.

“She recorded it a year after filming Twitch Beau,” I add.

“Without Dane Hunter’s shadow,” Dylan echoes.

Moms and dads ogle at us — in silence — “And — who wrote All of Lush?” Mrs. Dawson asks, almost stuttering —

Ava and Vincenzo Vasquez,” Dylan and I answer — in a modest tone. 

“A real-life married couple,” I snitch.

“And Twitch Beau was based on their wooing troubles – And when they finally tied the knot — they even invited their vicious exes and obsessed suitors to the wedding –” Dylan fills in. 

Dad shoves his plate away — mom sips her wine — Mr. Dawson scratches his forehead — and Mrs. Dawson gulps down a piece of pasta — synchronized in one tick of the clock! 

As for Dylan and I –? “Clinched,” I yelp.

“Claimed,” she races back, then — we harmonize a winsome clap as an elusive high-five to complete the crotchet! This one-meter rule is already too much for my flips to endure! Argh!

Moms and dads inspect us — with their punchy eyeballs — again! “That’s it,” dad sighs. “Twitch Beau must be established tonight!”

“About time!” mom pronounces. 

“I’ve told you these things have importance,” Mr. Dawson tells his delightful wife. 

“And how exactly are we gonna do that?” Mrs. Dawson meditates. 

“We’ll have to come up with something,” Mr. Dawson replies. 

“How do you do all that?” dad interrogates me and Dylan, then — catches his mind and sits back — “All right! I got it! I got it! Unbelievable!” 

“And over three decades later –” mom grumbles again. 

“Tonight!” dad interrupts her. “It’s established — tonight!”

“You gotta start thinking of something now,” Mr. Dawson reminds his delightful wife. 

“I’m trying, okay?” Mrs. Dawson mutters.

The Sacred Seven Decades

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