She’s Rich and Stunning. So is Her Love. And Defending it can be Fierce – PART ONE

Goddammit! (The only fierce word that sums it all up!)

Author’s Note: I refuse to find myself on either end.

Title: The Sacred Seven Decades

Genre: Drama/Comedy/Magical Realism

Here’s One Scene:

A blasting confrontation while trapped in ‘parental punishment’ – being one-meter apart.

Double-checked: moms whiz around in the kitchen for cleanup and dads nimble back into the recreation room! So Dylan and I are safe enough lolling around by the firepit — hemming out our hankering thoughts — 

Shut up, cramps! Shut up! You cannot break out of your walnut — just yet! I’m sorry! Bear with the one-meter rule here! 

“I’ve seen the room,” she sighs. “It’s too extravagant. A lot more extravagant than your luxury hotel in Toronto, for crying out loud. And I’m even afraid to touch anything in that ensuite washroom. My god, Ace. I can’t breathe.” 

“They’re just things, Dylan,” I reply. “Just — things!”

She sits back in the chair and looks up at the skies. “I’m thinking of grabbing another job.” 

“Does this have something to do with your D.F.S.I. again?” I mewl back.

“My what?” 

“Doubts, fears, screaming insecurities!” 

“Why can’t you just give me the freedom to entertain them so I could make my economic situation a little better?” she argues. “I’m doing it for us, you know!”

“Your economic situation is already good enough!” I stir up. “And for god’s sake, why are you so obsessed with your financial status being scrutinized in our relationship, anyway? There’s two of us now, Dylan! In case you haven’t noticed — there are two people making it all work — together! This is not a competition! This is a relationship! A relationship! Which means, there’s love — there’s romance — there’s All of Lush — and everything else in between! NOT A COMPETITION!!! IT’S A RELATIONSHIP, GODDAMMIT!!! So don’t fire at me — like you’re the only one who’s supposed to be responsible for everything! Like, you’re supposed to spoil me with THINGS!!! THINGS!!! GODDAMMIT!!! I HATE THINGS!!! DAZZLING RINGS!!! HOLIDAYS!!! WHAT ELSE???!!!”

“If you didn’t like them, then why do they lay around your life?”

“Because I grew up having them! I got used to the kind of life that THESE THINGS have given me! It’s the world that I have been living in! This world! My world! The kind of world that this house may flaunt about! Am I proud of it? I’m proud of having my parents! I’m proud of how they raised me, though at this stage of my life, I must learn my lesson the hardest way for not being honest with them! This lesson! The lesson that is putting me through the one-meter rule away from you! Away from the GREATEST THING that has ever happened to me! Away from my ENTIRE WORLD! Away from my one and only LUSH! And even just that — the one-meter distance — IT HURTS!!! It hurts, Dylan! AND I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!!! Now do you really think I care about the THINGS that you’ve been screaming at me about? Your senseless doubts? Your pathetic fears? Do you think I would ever be brave enough to run away from you — or you’d have enough guts to leave me — all because you CAN’T GIVE ME THESE THINGS??? Now you tell me — how much does this one-meter rule hurt?”

“Ace — you’re — everything — You’re the most stunningly beautiful woman that any human around here may have ever seen — You’re rich — Your intelligence skyrockets out of your eyes and words — You have an amazing talent — You captivate all corners wherever you go — And on top of that, you have the kindest and purest heart — You’re somebody — You can even run the United Nations if you want to — or invade Hollywood — or do and be anything you want — And people, every single one of them, worship you — and all your wonders — and the wonders that you can share with the rest of mankind — So you can’t blame me for having all these doubts, fears, and screaming insecurities — Because there are times when I believe — my love, and all the vain feelings that I have for you — are insignificant — that I can be insignificant — I am insignificant — You’re too much — And you deserve a lot better than this — This. Us. Me –”

“Just answer my question, Dylan. How much does this one-meter rule hurt?” 

“You did not hear me,” she urges. 

“I heard every word you said!” I blaze back. “And they’re all INSIGNIFICANT TO ME!!! I’m only asking you one simple question! HOW MUCH DOES THIS ONE-METER RULE HURT???!!!”

— hazy silence flies along with the wind — 

The Sacred Seven Decades

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