Sacred Seven Decades

The Sacred Seven Decades – Part Nine

Gushing on to a mesmerizing full catch of 'Happily Ever After' tricks, the startling virtues of beautiful hearts, and the fierce fight for childhood dreams and wishes as the conspired universe thunders in without warning!

March 28, 2019. Thursday.

Free Lesbian Fiction Online, The Sacred Seven Decades

Our first beach walk. Our first sunrise. Welcoming our sacred seven decades in. With outpouring and grateful hearts locked together inside all the love and romance things summoned by our childhood dreams and wishes.

We are still in awe of our kind universe. Its mystical clicks. How my true love and I have created our own fanciful acts of All of Lush phenomenon. The phenomenon with promises of lasting moments, greatest good drabbles, and happiest cries. As they wait for Zea and Kai to be born.

By this morning, she has just learned how to make fluffy pancakes as we celebrate our engagement with moms and dads – who are now more bound and determined to create their own Twitch Beau impulses and flashes.

“What did you say about the universe?” she teases.

“We trust it — with a full heart,” I moan a reply.



Dear All of Lush true love:

It is ours. It will always be ours.

It will all be fine. We will be fine.


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