The Sacred Seven Decades – Part Three

Log Line: Gushing on to a mesmerizing full catch of 'Happily Ever After' tricks, the startling virtues of beautiful hearts, and the fierce fight for childhood dreams and wishes as the conspired universe thunders in without warning! Genre: Drama/Comedy/Magical Realism

March 22, 2019. Friday.

“So how’s the dreamy rush going?” Alex is poised at the foot of the bed, puffing a slim cigarette — her pricey sophisticated tobacco brand. This grandiose, beautiful, powerful, cunning, and elite woman in her mid-40s — openly gay — (– yet she has to put up with my relationship signature because of her passionate love for me –) — broke into my hotel room while I was dancing with Dylan in a fairy-tale dream.

I check the time. It’s past 9 o’clock in the morning. Dylan has just come in to work. Bringing her breakfast consumes me more than booting myself into a panic spotlight over Alex Avery’s surprise jolt. “What time did you break in?” I sit up and rub my eyes — just to make sure I’m not stuck in a simulated nightmare.

“Just a little while ago,” she replies. “Aren’t you even gonna give me a kiss?”

“I just woke up, Alex,” I groan. She draws closer and sits on the bed, then runs her forefinger across my face and leans in — to seek for my kiss — Disgust plucks me out, onto the floor — right away! And the panic spotlight flames up! “I’ve told you, it’s done!” I blast. “The engagement is off! I can’t be with you anymore! I cannot stay with a monster, Alex! You can fire me all you want! I don’t care! Just stay away from me! You make me sick!”

She simpers and takes a graceful puff. Oh, god. I see — something — VICIOUS — is about to happen! Please please please please please! Make her go away! And keep my true love wish safe! “Your dad has been such a highly regarded therapist that he’s got most of my prominent friends as his devoted clients for years,” she chuckles.

“Alex,” I gasp, pleading, “please leave my dad out of this.”

“And your mom!” She ascends from the bed and twirls to me. “It must be impressively sweet that she always lands lucrative accounts, and has become a major-league advertising executive — all of a sudden — with my little big-shot influence, of course.”


“I’m not finished yet, my love,” she laughs.

“Just kill me, Alex!” I cry out. “Slit my throat! Get me assassinated! Just don’t you touch my parents!”

“We’ll get to that. Just — allow me to finish my speech first. It was only — you know — a little dabble — It’s gonna get more exciting now. Are you ready?”

“Kill me now. That’s just what I want you to do.”

“You got pancakes and coffee from a high-end brunch restaurant, then delivered it to her yourself,” she shells out. “Very romantic, huh, my love?”

“You got me followed???” I dread.

“Grocery shopping was sweet. Now we know where she lives. Lovely neighborhood, indeed. Uhm. Name, Dylan Dawson. 27 years old. Born and raised in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Only graduated high school. Smart. Records are clean. Bless her. Moved here about two years ago. Father, David Dawson, works for a distinguished construction company. Mother, Beverly Dawson, is an early childhood educator. Both still reside on Oak Street, same province — I hired the top private investigator in town — He just missed out on the part when you brought her up here — into this fucking 5-star hotel room that I paid for!”

“Is this all a threat? You want to ruin our lives? Mine. Hers. My parents. Her parents. Is that what this is all about?”

“Not so fast, my love,” she chortles. “I’ll give you an option. Marry me. Or — your parents and her parents — would end up — jobless, penniless, and completely — damaged for the rest of their senior lives.”

Dylan, you will always be my one and only LUSH! Please forgive me! “Okay,” I weep.

“I was confident you’d say yes!” She sticks her chin up and grins. “All right, then. We shall grace the formal grand opening party tonight, and we’re flying back home tomorrow morning. Our wedding is set on the last Sunday of this month, in my parents’ mansion garden –”

“By the end of this month?” I yelp.

“Yes, my love. That soon. Sorry. I just want to make sure you’re mine forever. Would that be too much to ask? Oh, goddess. I’ll work on the monster shocks right after we’ve exchanged our vows, okay? And everything will be — just — perfect. How’s that?”

“I’d like to spend time with Dylan today. All day. For a last goodbye. Without your private investigator tramping around.”

“HELL, NO!!!” Her outrage terrorizes the entire room.

“Please, Alex!” I bawl out. “Please! I’m begging you! I’ll make love to you after! Just please — let me be with her for one last time! Just to say goodbye!”

“AFTER ALL THE SHITTY SPITS THAT YOU’VE SLAMMED ALL OVER ME?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!” She shakes it off and releases a deep sigh. “Get dressed. We’ll have breakfast — By the way, my love — I can trace everything. That includes your phone. So don’t you dare sneak away with it, or you’d be sorry for the rest of your life.”

“How can you be this cruel?” I would rather die now!

“Because what’s mine is mine.”

Dear true love wish: Whisper into Dylan’s ear that I have been held captive by the vicious monster whose fatal obsession and twisted love gospel could potentially waft me into a mental asylum.

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